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Monogram MSS The Monogram Page offers personalized monograms for your invitations, wedding stationery, menu cards, exlibris, business cards, etc.

All the monograms on this site are designed by Kerstin Kallin.

What I offer

The monograms are digital, high-definition images that you buy either in JPEG format, or a bundle with JPEG + PNG + SVG formats. The bundle is recommended if you need a transparent background (PNG), or if you want to be able to enlarge the image without losing quality or make a rubber stamp (SVG). More info about the image formats can be found here.

The monograms are for personal use. That means that you can for example print the monogram on your stationery and make a rubber stamp, but not sell it further. All monograms cost 4 £ for JPEG images, or 10 £ for the JPEG + PNG + SVG bundle. All payments are securely made though Paypal. Monogram AD

Rubber stamps

If you want to have a company make a rubber stamp for you out of your digital monogram we recommend an all black image without grayscale for best result, especially if you want to be able to use embossing powder.

About the designer

Monogram Ester & Wilmer Kerstin started to design wedding monograms during the preparations for her own wedding in 2006. Since then the monogram collection has grown to over 4000 monograms and wedding logos! Usually she works with existing fonts, but sometimes she draws them all or partially by hand. She can also develop the customers own design ideas.

With a great interest for design, paper and cardmaking, the Monogram Page was a natural development of a fun hobby alongside her teacher career. Besides monograms and stationery, Kerstin also make bridal jewelry as crowns and tiaras that you find on The Crown Bride - Bridal crowns and jewelry.

Kerstin lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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