This is how it works

All monograms on this site are designed by Kerstin Kallin. They are available in two formats
  • A high resolution (590 pixels wide, 300 dpi) JPEG image without the copyright text on a white background for the price of 4 £.
  • The high resolution JPEG image as above, plus a transparent PNG image with same resolution, plus a SVG image, all for the price of 10 £.
You can read more about the different image formats here.

To buy a monogram simply click the Buy Now button on the page displaying the image. This will take you to PayPal for safe payment. When the payment is done, you click the Continue button from within PayPal to get redirected to the image. Be sure to download the image once you have bought it, since the image only will be accessible for three days.

Image formats

Here is a short description of the different image formats offered at The Monogram Page.

Which format should I choose?

If you are going to use your monogram to just print it on a wedding stationary or other simpler applications you will do fine with the JPEG format. But if you intend to make a stamp of your monogram or want to overlay it on top of another image or maybe enlarge the monogram to more than 2 inches, then you need the bundle with JPEG+PNG+SVG.


JPEG is a common image format used for example in digital cameras. Every monogram at The Monogram Page can be purchased as a JPEG image with white background. The resolution of the images are 300 dpi and they are 590 pixels wide. This means that they can be printed as almost 2 inches without quality loss. 300 dpi is a quite high quality for images and used primarily in brochures. Web pages usually stick to around 72 dpi for the images (which would make the monogram over 8 inches!) and the resolution of computer monitors are often just short of 100 dpi (which makes the monogram appear just above 6 inches).


PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and is an image format supporting transparency. Every monogram at The Monogram Page can be purchased as a PNG image with transparent background. The image quality is the same as for the JPEG image.


SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Whereas JPEG and PNG are saved as a collection of pixels the SVG format saves information of the lines and curves of the image. Vectorized images are more flexible than the other formats because they can be resized without reducing image quality.